"It is incredible how I can use LEAP from anywhere in the world to work on my cases, billing, and receivables."

Sheryl Seiden - Seiden Family Law
United States


Work Remotely

"Honestly, this week has made me so grateful for our transition from PC Law to LEAP. Now that we have had to close our office and ask people to work from home, we at least have a method for people to get things done. Prior to LEAP, my staff would be sitting at home right now without the ability to do much of anything other than check their email. With LEAP Web, everyone has at least some level of access to our client information and documents."

Smith Green & Gold

United States


Trust Accounting

"I was installed with LEAP in July 2015. So far I have found that it saved me a lot of time and made a significant difference to my working life. I now no longer need to spend ages doing invoices as LEAP automates everything for me, even my signature!! It has an excellent system that has benefited me and is very user friendly."

​Henry Doswell - Doswell Law
United Kingdom


Client Service

“We are extremely happy with the LEAP web portal. The guide for use was easy and helpful. The LawConnect function was very impressive and useful. We and our clients are impressed with the ease of scheduling appointments as well as making payments through the portal.”

Nicholas Paneras - Jordan Djundja Lawyers


Document Management

"LEAP has really revolutionised the way we work! Its powerful case management functionality is impressive, as is the mobile phone app. I can now even work on the go. Support from LEAP has also been excellent, with help only a phone call away. Overall the introduction of LEAP into my firm has improved both our performance and in turn profitability. Needless to say I am very pleased."

Colin Freeman - Freeman Jones Solicitors LLP
United Kingdom



“We were so pleased with the transition when we switched to LEAP a few months ago. Now, our firm can work from anywhere and instantly access any matter and track time, access all documents and billing ledgers.”

Lisa Winter-Card – Immigration Lawyer




"The LEAP transition was effortless and the training and support we have received exceeded our expectations. LEAP Legal Software is a smart choice for our firm."

Tom MacKay – Principal Lawyer