"LEAP has given me the ability to work anywhere, anytime."

Peta Stewart

Certified Practising Conveyancer (CPC)


Work Remotely

“We've been on the LEAP Cloud service since inception (2016) and it is the cornerstone of my practice, based in Milton on the South Coast. We are prepared to work from home when necessary and my staff have the flexibility to make their own minds up, taking into account their own family circumstances in these decisions. Could not do it without LEAP on the cloud.”

Anthony Fondacaro - Legacy Wills & Estates



Trust Accounting

"I was installed with LEAP in July 2015. So far I have found that it saved me a lot of time and made a significant difference to my working life. I now no longer need to spend ages doing invoices as LEAP automates everything for me, even my signature!! It has an excellent system that has benefited me and is very user friendly."

​Henry Doswell - Doswell Law
United Kingdom


Document Management

"LEAP has really revolutionised the way we work! Its powerful case management functionality is impressive, as is the mobile phone app. I can now even work on the go. Support from LEAP has also been excellent, with help only a phone call away. Overall the introduction of LEAP into my firm has improved both our performance and in turn profitability. Needless to say I am very pleased."

Colin Freeman - Freeman Jones Solicitors LLP
United Kingdom



"I’m always on the road and I’m running various projects. I undertake conference calls so clients, insurers and I need to be able to access my clients’ documentation on the go. The LEAP Mobile App allows me to prepare for my conference calls without having to take my laptop with me. LEAP doesn’t just work, it works efficiently and I’m able to access the clients’ documents smoothly.”

Kasturi Wren - Wren & Co Lawyers



"The LEAP service has been fantastic. The training, online support and help desk staff have been great. We also absolutely love the online LEAP Community. How could we not? Difficult procedures (like end of the month bank reconciliation) are divided up into small easy-to-understand step-by-step online tutorials.”

Advantage Legal


Client Service

“We are extremely happy with the LEAP web portal. The guide for use was easy and helpful. The LawConnect function was very impressive and useful. We and our clients are impressed with the ease of scheduling appointments as well as making payments through the portal.”

Nicholas Paneras - Jordan Djundja Lawyers